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The origins of the Abraham’s Seed charity

Abraham’s Seed was set up me, Pat Dago-Lohore.
I’m married and the mother of three beautiful children. When I was 19 years old and living in France, my friend Emilie and I committed ourselves to helping orphans and deprived children in Africa and beyond. Emilie was studying medicine at the time and she pledged to bring medical assistance to the children. I said that I would provide clothes, shoes, toys, and so on.
However, time went by and ten years later my Dad passed away. I was devastated but Mum was there to support me through that loss. Ten months later Mum also passed away and I felt as though it was the end of my story. I was 29 years old at the time and although I was with my husband and our two boys, I felt deeply empty, lonely and insecure.
This is when I realised that if I have suffered so much with the loss of my parents, what about orphans in Africa where there is little support or child protection. How do they survive? Of course, I could relate to this because I grew up in Africa. I knew that everyday life for a child could be a challenge, even when he or she has their parents – how much more of a challenge for an orphan.
This is how Abraham’s Seed came into being. It wasn’t until the loss of my own parents that I became aware of the needs of others who had lost theirs. Please do not wait to become an orphan yourself before you help those who have also lost those dearest to them.
Whether you decide to give money or your time or any kind of donation, it will make a huge difference in the life of an orphan or an abandoned child.
Thank you for your support.